A 3d illustration of a computer and desktop in need of tech support.

Simple steps to avoid tech support.

We all get that feeling. That nervous pit in our stomach. It’s the feeling that comes right before you dial the phone number to tech support. It might be the simplest issue that makes you feel stupid for not knowing how to fix it.

Before Calling Tech Support, You Should …

None of us want to go through the embarrassment of calling tech support. Let’s face it, phone conversations with strangers can be awkward. So, before you pull out your phone, here are a couple of ways to solve the simplest computer issues:

  • Restart Your Machine – It’s a very simple step, yet so many people ignore it. It should be the first thing you do, no matter what issue you have. A good reboot can realign your computer system to the way it should be.
  • Check Your Updates – Your computer should always be running the latest operating system (OS). If you are on a PC, check Windows Update. For a Mac, click software update in the settings. Remember, updates happen because hackers exploit an old OS.
  • Check Your Hard Drive – A full hard drive will slow your computer a significant amount. See where you can clear up some space. This may make your computer run a bit more smoothly.
  • Disable Startup Items – Have you ever had a billion things pop up every time you turn on your computer? Yeah, well those are startup items. Programs set to open when your computer receives power. Just press Windows-R, type msconfiq into the search bar that pops up, and enter. This will present you with a list of startup items. You can disable as many programs from opening up, just avoid anything labeled Microsoft corporation.
  • Speed Test and Network Hardware – Speed test can tell you how fast your download and upload speeds are. A really good one is speedtest.net. Compare your results to what your provider promises you. If you are experiencing connection issues, then restart your router and modem.

Simple, easy, done. These are just some simple solutions to simple problems. Check back next week to find out more.