An illustration of a lock on a motherboard. It shows that hyper-vigilance will be one of the big cyber security trends.

What will be the latest cyber security trends?

Predicting the cyber security trends of 2017 is a worthwhile exercise after such a hack-heavy 2016. Many of these hacks were high-profile. As a result, they dominated the news cycle for the majority of the year.

On a smaller scale, local businesses are hurting badly from this. Less than one in three small businesses have basic security tools. Nearly a quarter of them say they’ve had a loss of data. While almost half list it as their greatest fear. This is coming from Carbonite research, and they predict these cyber-attacks can potentially grow in 2017.

Everyone seems vulnerable in this climate. People in both the public and private sector are worried about leaks, malware, phishing, and whatever else may come.

So, what can we expect to happen in 2017? How will people be protecting themselves from more sophisticated attacks? To answer these questions, here are a few trends we predict will play a big role in making people safer in the year to come.

Predicting Cyber Security Trends in 2017

  • Expected to increase this year is regulation. Research estimates that government spending on cybersecurity will continue to increase to somewhere in the billions by 2019. Whether it’s through legislation or more standard security controls, there will be a call for as much prevention as possible.
  • Demand for cyber-insurance will reach new heights. More companies will be looking for this type of insurance than ever before. It could lead to a significant spike in premium cost because of this.
  • The cloud will be scrutinized due to these breaches. Companies providing cloud capabilities for users are not equipped to protect. Users will be wise to find other security options on their own.
  • More schools will implement cybersecurity education programs. The Air Force Association has already launched one at no-cost for elementary schools. A well-informed user is the first step in preventing a cyber-attack. So, teaching kids at a young age about potential threats will make future generations more aware.

After such a wild year, cyber security trends in 2017 all tend to lean toward vigilance. Education and better focus on prevention are imperative.