Google held a press event this week in San Francisco where it has unveiled “the next dimension of Google Maps.” Indeed, Google’s digital mapping service will have different new features in order to be more practical, clear to understand, simple to use, and more useful. Like the old one, you could find a place, draw your itinerary, find directions if you are lost, and in addition it will have:

  • “3D Google Earth.” It is the most impressive feature. Google has used airplanes with Google-designed systems to photograph, at 45-degrees from four different angles, all the nooks and crannies of the world and create a 3D of all the.
  • A wearable Google Street View camera that can be carried on your bag or everywhere on our body so someone could walk and take videos in areas that aren’t accessible by any existing vehicles.
  • An offline version of Google Maps. This will allow people to download mapping information and save it in their computer, smartphones or any smart device they have and open it later when they will need to get to their destination. This is very practical for people don’t have a network connection when they are lost.
  • Google offer. In the application, users can also find the rubric “offers” in the menu to see the different offers on the map. Then, if they are somewhere and they are looking for something special to buy, they can see all the offers the brands like restaurants, shops, retailers are offerings around their current location. If the users are satisfied by the offer, they can make some notifications. Those offers don’t need to be consumed directly. Users can keep and purchased them later.

During this press event Google has extolled the new Google maps, but Google executives attempted to ignore questions from journalists about the future of Google maps on Apple devices. Indeed, Apple is going to drop Google’s mapping technology to launch its own mapping app using 3D mapping technology by C3 technologies, which the company acquired in 2011. Apple also confirmed that it will present its new apps at the Apple Worldwide Developers conference which will stand at the Moscone West Center very soon.

With respect to the fate of Google maps on Apple device, the Apple developers said that Google Maps would no longer be preinstalled on Apple devices, but you will still have the ability to download it in Apple’s App Store.